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Ascend SMARTER Intervention

Reading Annotation Sticky Notes (Set of 5 Pads)

Reading Annotation Sticky Notes (Set of 5 Pads)

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Support students’ comprehension with these annotation sticky notes! Designed to visually cue students to identify the key details of a text, these sticky notes make annotation easy (without writing directly on the page!).  Compatible with all kinds of texts (from worksheets to novels to textbooks), these student favorites are going to be your new go-to comprehension resource!

How we use them:

Each sticky note cues students to find the who/what, did what, when, where, and why (otherwise known as the 5 Key Ws) of a paragraph, page, or chapter.

Students can write directly on the sticky note and place it in their book. Then, after they’ve finished reading, they can use their annotated notes to create a summary!

Grade Level Target:

Intended for students in grades 3-6+

What’s Included:

  • 5 pads with 50 sticky notes per pad. Share them with colleagues, send a set home with students, or keep them all for yourself!
  • The visual prompts are color-printed on genuine Post-it® brand white notes from 3M so you can be sure you’re getting quality sticky notes that will last!

About SMARTER Intervention

This product is a part of the Delivering SMARTER Intervention (DSI) program. DSI is a comprehensive literacy curriculum that provides structured and systematic lessons and resources for students K-12. Learn more about DSI >>here<<

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