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Ascend SMARTER Intervention

Phonogram Sound Deck

Phonogram Sound Deck

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Develop students’ sound-symbol knowledge with these sound drill cards. This comprehensive deck provides you with an expansive set of phonograms, affixes, and roots.

The cards’ two-sided design doubles the use you get out of them and makes differentiation easy. Show students the black-and-white side to evaluate their knowledge of the sound pattern, or flip the card over to the color-coded side to provide key words and images as additional, scaffolded support.

How we use them:

Use these cards for sound drills, blending drills, word-building tasks, and more!

Easily scaffold these activities to offer more or less support by using either the black and white side or the color-coded side with the key word and image.

Grade Level Target:

Intended for students in grades K-6+

What’s Included:

  • 188 cards, shipped as two stacks (Stack 1 includes Foundations - Level 3 sound drills and Stack 2 includes Level 4 - Level 6 sound drills)
  • Each card is 2-sided with one black & white side & one color-coded side so that you can determine how much support to give students when using the cards.
  • Dots in the top corner of the cards indicate how many sounds each pattern makes, so you cue the student for additional sounds and track their progress
  • Each card is printed on heavy-duty cardstock to allow for long-term and repeated use
  • Patterns are color-coded so that students can visually categorize them to support understanding & retention.
  • >>Click here<< to see a comprehensive list of the patterns included

About SMARTER Intervention

This product is a part of the Delivering SMARTER Intervention (DSI) program. DSI is a comprehensive literacy curriculum that provides structured and systematic lessons and resources for students K-12. Learn more about DSI >>here<<

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