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Ascend SMARTER Intervention

PA Drill Cards - Phonograms

PA Drill Cards - Phonograms

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Never worry about coming up with PA drill prompts again! These cards provide comprehensive PA drills that align with key phonics patterns so that they can integrate seamlessly into your phonics instruction.

How we use them:

These cards make a great warm-up drill for students. We’ll pick drills that align with previously taught phonics patterns to use as review or the phonics pattern we’ll be teaching that day to help prime students’ brains for reading and spelling tasks. Then, we’ll run through the drill knowing that we’re targeting key PA subskills in a way that feels cohesive with the rest of our lesson.

Grade Level Target:

Intended for students in grades K-6+ working through systematic phonics-based instruction targeting the six syllable types.

What’s Included:

  • The PA drills provide prompts to target rhyming, auditory discrimination, syllable blending and segmenting, phoneme blending and segmenting, and advanced manipulation so that you can practice a variety of PA subskills.
  • These 93 PA drills align with vowels, consonants, digraphs, blends, welded sounds, long vowels (including vowel-consonant-e and open syllables), vowel teams, stable final syllables, complex patterns, and syllable division patterns so that you always have a PA drill aligned to the phonogram/phonics pattern you are teaching.
  • The 93 cards are double-sided and bound with a steel cable loop for easy use and storage. You can remove cards from the loop to create smaller decks or reorder the cards should you wish to customize the set.
  • Each card is printed on heavy-duty cardstock to allow for repeated and long-term use.
  • This product is shrink-wrapped when shipped. Loop color may vary.
  • Morpheme PA Drill Cards are sold separately and can be found >>here<<, or bundle and save when you get the PA Card Bundle, >>Here<<.

About SMARTER Intervention

This product is a part of the Delivering SMARTER Intervention (DSI) program. DSI is a comprehensive literacy curriculum that provides structured and systematic lessons and resources for students K-12. Learn more about DSI >>here<<

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