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Ascend SMARTER Intervention

DOWNLOAD ONLY - Comprehensive Literacy Rules Guide

DOWNLOAD ONLY - Comprehensive Literacy Rules Guide

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Trying to follow a Science of Reading (SOR) aligned approach but struggling to keep all the rules organized?

You're not alone! This comprehensive rules guide is designed to support the organization and retention of rules and concepts from the sound level to the syllable level to the word level to the sentence level through the paragraph and passage level so that students can see how their knowledge is building.

This is a great tool for teachers, parents, and/or students.

How we use them:

This rules guide is designed to provide an overview of the concepts covered as part of a structured literacy progression. It’s a great reference tool that can be used as rules are being taught and learned as well as a tool to support the retention and organization of each of the concepts.

A scope and sequence of concepts has been provided aligning with the Ascend SMARTER Intervention Science of Reading–Aligned curriculum, but these rules can be integrated into any structured and systematic literacy instruction.

It is not necessary to memorize labels for each concept (e.g., it isn’t necessary to know and be able to sort fricative consonants) to be an effective reader or speller – rather, it’s helpful to know the structure to understand how and why certain patterns may be more difficult or as a way to categorize, sort, and understand the information.

Grade Level Target:

Intended for instructors, parents, and students in grades K-12

What’s Included:

    • Access to download a digital copy of the Comprehensive Literacy Rules Guide
    • The download is a 50-page, color PDF
    • Terms of use allow this digital product to be downloaded up to three (3) times by the purchaser.

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    DSI and 5CCL members have access to this resource that can be downloaded/printed from the program library.

      About SMARTER Intervention

      This product is a part of the Delivering SMARTER Intervention (DSI) program. DSI is a comprehensive literacy curriculum that provides structured and systematic lessons and resources for students K-12. Learn more about DSI >>here<<

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